Responsible gaming

Play responsibly

We believe that playing at OlaSpill should only be about fun and entertainment. But it sometimes happens that luck turns it's back on us when we least expect it, which makes the fun a rather disappointing experience. To avoid this, you can set personal limits by contacting us.

Set personal limits

There are various ways you can limit yourself when you feel you have spent too much time playing, or if you start losing control of your own gaming budget.

  • You can set a maximum amount limit that can be played during a single game round. An attempt to enter a higher bet will automatically be rejected unless you increase the limit.
  • You can set a limit on how much you can lose within a period of seven (7) days. A player will not be able to bet more until seven (7) days have passed since the first game was placed.
  • You can set a limit on how long you can be logged on the page per session. After the specified time period has elapsed, you will automatically be logged out and all ongoing games will be stopped.
  • You can close your account indefinitely, so it will not be available to you. In that case, all the money you have will be refunded to your bank account.
  • All of the above options can be initiated by contacting our customer service.
  • All restrictions will come into effect with immediate effect. If you want to remove a restriction you have previously set, it will take seven (7) days for the changes to take effect.

Prevention of addiction

It may happen that the urge to play develops into a habit. To prevent this, you should familiarize yourself with the following symptoms that may indicate gambling addiction:

  • Feeling excited about playing at high risk.
  • Increasing risk with the betting.
  • Think a lot about playing.
  • Relive previous gambliing experiences.
  • SPlay to forget about problems or feelings of helplessness, guilt or depression.
  • Get free from work or break from family life to play.
  • Hide or lie about the gameplay.
  • Feel guilty or regret after playing.
  • Borrow or steal money to play.
  • Failed attempts to stop playing.


If you feel any of the above applies to you, you should seek professional help.

If you are concerned that one or more of your family members or close friends may be gamblers, please contact our customer service for assistance.

Please refer to the independent websites below for further information on gambling addiction:


A player must be over 18 years of age to register or play at OlaSpill. If you think that anyone under the age of 18 may have access to your account, there are several restrictive tools you can use to avoid this: